Sunday, June 28, 2009

A whole lotta wedding songs stuck in my head!

Worked tonight.
I walk in and immediately walk back to the kitchen to say hi to Chef and Maui like I always do. Chef tells me they're expecting 350 guests tonight. Poo. An average party is 200-250. So I go start working, getting ready for the guests. Preparing the floor, the food, my co-workers. Then I start feeling weak. Like all of a sudden all energy and strength was just sucked right out of me. So at this point, I start going through in my head everything I ate today, how much sleep I got, if I was working too hard now. Nothing really fit. I couldn't figure out a reason why I was having an episode. Then it hits me. Genius over here forgot to take her blood pressure medicine this morning. Well no wonder, Kelly? All the usual symptoms start up. "You will not pass out at work," I keep telling myself. Haha! Trying that whole mind over matter I decide that I can just work through it. No need in getting my mom to drive all the way over when I can just fight it, right? So I go pass a tray of soft shelled crabs. Walking up the stairs. Heart slows. I can feel the color drain from my face. Everything turns white. Bad idea. So I call my mom. I can hear the nervousness in her voice. (Sorry, mother dearest.) So she and brother come to my rescue with my medicine. Within 30 minutes of taking it I was like a new person. Full of energy, singing, color back in my face. Ready to go! The crowd was really nice. This man who I came to adore by the end of the night wound up shooting me a little tip which was great!

Chef, whose come to be a real buddy is really cool to work with.

(You should know that in this picture, he's actually talking to his best friend about getting into a bar fight later that night. A bit rough around the edges, I know. Haha, but he's the best!)

He teaches me cooking things, makes random treats for me, tells me these ridiculous stories just to make me laugh or watch my jaw drop! Also, I goofed off a little with my


and Privateer

who were dishwashing in the back.

A lot of the guys ragged on me which was humorous, awkward, and embarrassing all rolled into one. At the end of the night, we felt like we did a hell of a job. Which we definitely did.

Great job, team.

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