Friday, June 26, 2009


So yes, I've moved to blogspot.
LiveJournal was becoming more like a boom town anyway.

So let me give a little intro to start this off right.
I'm Kelly. hiiiii :)
A redhead. Good ole hotblooded redhead.
I prefer passionate over hotblooded, really.
Blogging is a vice of mine.
Whenever I'm bored, I write.
Warning: I blog a lot.
I'm a Mass Communications major with a concentration in Journalism.
Long term goal; Prosecutor.
I live in a quaint little apartment (I call it two-ten) with two beautiful roommates.
Roommate #1, we say, is the brains of this operation.
Roommate #2 is the heartbeat.
And I'm roommate #3!
Together we're a dream team, ya dig?


Welcome to this little world of mine!

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