Sunday, September 5, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Well, folks, school has definitely started because I have not blogged once since the first day of school.

Things have just been crazy lately, and I haven't been able to justify posting any entries because there is always something like homework or reading that I should be doing instead. And right now, I'm all about the schoolwork. 

So does anyone remember my Accident Prone post?

Well this weekend I worked an overnight retreat with a few of my friends and I came back with an extremely attractive limp.

I was kicking a soccer ball around with the guys thinking I could handle their intensity because I apparently lost all of my brain cells since school started. Turns out I couldn't handle it, and I fell on my knee showing everyone how graceful I really am, and now I am Miss Gimpy. I've been calling the limp my swagger but no one is buying it. Probably because I'm a white girl with red hair and freckles and white girls with red hair and freckles don't have swaggers but I don't know.

My limp is really attractive. It attracts people.

So does my balloon of a left knee.

I went to sleep with this huge plastic bag full of ice that Adolfo and Jason got for me. I didn't mean to fall asleep with it on. I was simply following some rules Jason gave me to help the swelling. Anyway, it leaked all night into my sleeping bag and I woke up completely drenched in water with nothing but an empty Zip-loc to show for it.


Cute. *Shoots you with eye daggers.*

I'm pretty sure my knee is just aggravated, and I'll be good to go by Tuesday. You know what? Let's pray that's the case because I REALLY don't feel like limping across the quad. *seizure*

My mom would be proud though. I had my insurance card.

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  1. Kelly, you're a trooper! Feel better soon! <3