Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I love my friends.

One of my favorite things about my friends is that no matter how weird I'm being, they usually always play along.

For instance, today I sent out a mass text to a few of my pals with an absurd question just to see what responses I would get back. Well, let me just tell you. I am SO much more in love with my friends because of what they came back with. You have no idea.

This was my text;
"You're in a forest and all you have is a compass, a book, and a knife. A bear comes at you to attack. So I ask you. What color is the book?"

I know it's weird...

Not one of my friends responded with anything like, "Kelly...what the heck?" or "What???"

I love my friends.

Here are the responses.

- "Human color. So I can throw it at the bear and distract his ass before I make a killing blow with my compass. Or knife, which ever."

- "Red"

- "It doesn't say. Furthermore, I don't think I'd care to look, a freakin' grizzly bear is about to swat my face off."

- "Um. Book is black."

- "I'm being attacked by a bear! Stop distracting me by asking unimportant questions, Kelly, so I can concentrate on killing him with my knife!"

- "Perriwinkle"

- "Haha now it's whatever color the bear's blood is :)"

- "Blue or red, why?"

- "Is that Michael Scott?"

Thank you, my friends. You keep me weird.

Because of you guys, I will never find the noodle I lost long ago.

Umm...That was weird...


  1. I wanna know who picked human color and bear-blood color. I want to make sure I'm friends with those people