Monday, May 31, 2010

You a Hawse

I'm in Hot Springs, Arkansas lazing around on Lake Hamilton right now.

It is so beautiful here. I'm getting a lot of relaxation time. And you know what else? Sleep. I never sleep when I'm back at home. I always have things to do in the morning, you know?

So, basically, the one thing I've been doing a lot of is just sleeping. Staying up late at night, of course, because I'm a night owl and night is when I'm most in my element. But sleeping in and taking pointless naps. Call me lazy but you know what? Once summer school starts up and I'm working a lot, this won't be happening often or ever so I'm soaking it in, people.

Why am I making up excuses? Probably because I feel like a lazy bum but that is the point of vacation! Am I right or am I right? ...Good answer.

Another cool deal is that I'm getting to spend some time with my mom and brother. Lately, it's a rarity that I spend three days in a row with either of them at one time so this has been nice. I always forget how much Bob cracks me up.

His latest thing is explaining to all of us how he is a "hawse." Is it "hoss?"What is a "hawse," you ask? To be completely honest with you, I have absolutely no idea. Maybe a horse? But why is he calling himself a horse? I don't get it.

All I know is that he says it when he is trying to convey how manly he is.

For instance, he has a bad sunburn from our first day here, and today my mom was putting on some of that cold spray sunscreen on his back. He screamed some profanity but bleeped himself out...because he does that. (Yes, my brother bleeps himself out. No, I don't know anyone else who does that. Yes, I think it's weird.) Then he goes, "Actually, it doesn't sting because I'm a hawse. I can take it."

Not horse. It's hawse.

When talking about tubing he says, "We need to go faster because I'm a hawse."

He literally says those things.

"I have a keen sense of smell....only for Cheez-Its because I'm a hawse."


Don't ask. Just because we share the same blood doesn't mean I understand anything about that guy.

Anyway, it's been great here!

PS - The water in Hot Springs makes my hair ten times more curly than usual. Good times...


  1. I hope you're taking lots of picture, pretty girl! Have a great vacation! =)