Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reunited with my brother

I've met and heard a lot of funny people in my life. For some reason, though, no one makes me laugh quite as hard as my brother, Bob.


His stories are my absolute favorite! I'll tell you one.

So the other Sunday, my brother read the second reading at our parish church for six o'clock mass. He went into the back sacristy to look over the reading in preparation before mass started. When it was time for him to go, he stepped up to the podium and read through pretty flawlessly. Feeling confident, he paused after the reading and recited, "The Word of the Lord." Except it didn't necessarily come out like that. While tripping over his words and stuttering a little, Bobby said, "The Lord of the Word."

In embarrassment, he stepped down from the alter and shuffled back to his seat. On his way back, he caught a glimpse of mom who usually sits in the front row. He described her face as a face of aggravation. "You would have thought I offended the entire Catholic Church," he recalled. I wasn't there, but I know that face. Probably a face of scorn because she thought he did it on purpose.

This is where I start crying laughing. I only react this way because I can just picture all of this in my head and it's hysterical.

Bobby has a reputation of doing things like that on purpose. It would take a lot of persuasion on his part to try and convince her that it was an honest mistake.

But just picturing my mom puckering her lips and squinting her eyes at Bob's ruby red face leaves me in hysteria every time I think about it.

*sigh* It's good to be home.

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