Sunday, December 20, 2009

B O B Storytime

The other day, Bobby was with my mom at the bank. He had come to a conclusion at school that day that most people are afraid to make eye contact. So he decided to do a little experiment.

While standing in line, he stared at random people to try to get them to catch and hold his eye contact. "Everyone would look at me and just look down immediately," he said. He did this to every person in there. Bobby would just stare the tar out of 'em until they noticed the creepy little high schooler watching their every second. At this point, they were probably super freaked out and decided to ignore the awkward situation all together rather than figure out what his creepy deal was.

If I were them, I would have done the same thing.

Though the scenario could always have gone that there was a lonely lurk in there. He sees Bobby staring at him and, out of curiosity, stares back leaving Bob freaked out and regretful that he ever tried this experiment. I, personally, wish that would have happened.

Why do I wish that? Because now Bob tries to do it in various places. New Orleans' Seafood and Hamburgers, for instance. There was a man to the left of us dropping the f-bomb every other word and rambling on about how Tiger Woods was right for cheating on his wife because, "Hey! He's a millionaire! He can do and have whatever he wants!" Bobby decided to stare him down. Just stare at him until he noticed. I kept swatting at the kid trying to get him to stop because my face was hot and I probably looked as red as a strawberry. Finally he did but the damage had been done. My heart was beating so rapidly and my blood pressure had dropped so low that I couldn't really even eat... Okay, that's a lie. I could totally eat. Have you ever had the fries at New Orleans' Seafood and Hamburgers?! nom nom nom...

This is a habit of my brother's that I need to stop immediately before this ends badly.

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