Monday, September 21, 2009

You should have seen it!

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary Mass for our pastor at the Catholic Church on campus. Overall it was very nice. Father's homily was funny, touching, and everything in between.

What really hit me was all the priests that attended. I am going to guesstimate about 30-40 of them. They were magnificent! First of all, whenever there are a bunch of priests in one place I kind of freak out already. I couldn't really explain why if I wanted to. But to see all of these men of God standing together. All of these men who devoted their lives to the one who died for them. In Father's homily he said that he "fell hopelessly in love" with our Father. WOW!! Then, when all the priests were behind the alter during the Liturgy of the Eucharist and the Communion Rites, I almost cried I was so overwhelmed. They all stood there arms up and over the Eucharist. All 30-40 of them. What struck me, I think, was that I was looking at the LOVE. Real love. REAL love. Like the love you and I dream about. Real, genuine, over the fence, World Series kind of love.

I pray that one day that's me. Whether it be a life dedicated to the Church, my family, or others.

I pray that one day that's you, too.

I wish that for you. You should have seen it.

O my God, it was beautiful.


  1. lol! world series kind of love! great mental image

    p.s. Post up pics from ghost ridin! haha

  2. I was going to blog about this, because all through Mass I kept thinking, "This is SO awesome. All of these holy people under one roof." I mean, Mass is always beautiful, but that one was extra touching, and made me feel totally blessed that Father T is our pastor. :]