Monday, September 28, 2009

What the fluff?

Went to Wally World with #1 yesterday. We were in the crafts section getting finishing touches for #2's birthday presents. (Yesterday, was her 20th birthday. I'll blog about that later.)

Anyways, in one of the aisles they had wedding decorations. Here is a cake top that I found...

What the fluff?

I would hope a man wouldn't marry a woman so controlling.
And I would hope a woman wouldn't marry a man that is about as firm as jello.

Something is wrong with this image. Fix it, people.

Was that too controlling?

Have a nice day ;)


  1. Clearly, the man is just tired and needs to sit down a moment. And obviously, the wife is just trying to support him with a kind, admittedly awkwardly positioned, shoulder massage...