Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hear All About It!!

I'm moving out. I can't live here anymore. The abuse, the violence, the betrayal. It's all too much. My heart can't take the torture. I am sore everywhere and it can only go downhill from here.

210 isn't my safe haven anymore. Church is the only place I feel safe.

#1 and #2 group up on me. #1 inflicts mental torture, and I'm physically abused by #2. I'm the victim here. I called my mom but she told me to put my big boy pants on and suck it up... I don't have big boy pants...I'm a girl. Tarter sauce!!

I've had people come over and save me a couple of times. My VBF, Libbs, Lakeshore and Voltz have all come to my rescue at some point or another. But enough is enough.

If I never stand up to fight back, when will it stop?!

My best guesstimation is...uh, NEVER.

Wish me luck, everyone.

ps - Anyone have football pads? Maybe a helmet?


  1. lol. we have a bed here for you if you need it.

  2. just strap a pillow to your head with a some duct tape, equip a frying pan to each hand, and give 'er!

    *thumbs up*