Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Confessions of a Nasal Decongestant-holic

I've been fighting a runny nose for about two weeks now. I had tried Zicam, Mucinex D, various nasal sprays (ew), etc. but nothing seemed to work. My nose continued to run even when I thought it couldn't possibly have anything left to give. Somehow it always did though, and it never ever stopped. That is, until one fateful day when #2 gave me a Sudafed 12 Hour nasal decongestant. Homegirl. Hooked. Me. Up.

That powerful little baby cleared up everything. I could breathe through the night, I could breathe during the day, and I could...get this...smell things again. It was magical.

I was healed.

However, there is this one minor little side effect of the pill. I'll just come right out and say it. Sudafed makes me weird. Really weird. As in, weirder than I usually am. It's extremely unfortunate. On the box it lists its side effects and among them are dizziness and restlessness. Yeah, about that...

While on it, I do weird things like text JaseFace messages like, "I think my feet shrunk," I laugh a lot, I buy songs on my iTunes account like Apolkalypse Now by Polkastra, and I babble.

So the question is do I just deal with my runny nose for the sake of propriety or do I forget dignity all together and take the darn pill so I can breathe?

I chose the latter. I like it when I can breathe.

There is ALWAYS a catch with medicine, I find. It'll fix that one problem you're having, but then you'll have a new problem.

I work in a church office two nights a week. Tonight, while at work, I was making a copies for a lovely lady who was running a class in one of the conference rooms upstairs.

(Side note: There is this song that's been stuck in my head for a week now called "King of Glory". Stephen Colbert does an amazing dance to it in this video.)

I took a Sudafed before I came to work because my nose has been crazy runny all day. So I was in the copy room making copies. I was getting fidgety so I started singing "King of Glory" and doing Colbert's dance. I was about 75% through the song when in walks the pastor a.k.a. my boss. He just stared at me, smiled, and shook his head. This may be my last night working here.

I could blame it on the medicine, or maybe I'm just like this all the time.

Maybe I'll just get a jumbo pack of tissues for tomorrow.


  1. "Homegirl. Hooked. Me. Up." I miss you sooo much. ahahaha