Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Catastrophic Events of Today

I work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the restaurant. After having been there for about three months now, I've started to notice patterns in people.

Every Monday, this guy comes in who looks a little older than me. He is always wearing a polo, and he always sits at the sushi bar. When he leaves, he always grabs a dum-dum from my hostess stand and says thanks and goodbye on his way out.

Every Wednesday, this man and his son who also looks a little older than me come in. They either sit at table 7 if it's open or at the two end spots at the sushi bar if they are open. They look alike and every time I pass them they are talking about money, business, the economy, or something like that. They also tell me thanks and goodbye on their way out.

Every Friday, we have an influx of people from 11:15-1:00. It's always really busy or just remains at a steady pace. Either way, I don't stop moving until 1:30 rolls around. Sometimes, we're busy all the way to 2:30.

You get the picture.

Anyway, one thing I can always count on is the Tiger Weekly on Wednesdays.
Every Wednesday, someone from Tiger Weekly comes and leaves a stack on the waiting seat by the door. I can always count that when I walk in to work every Wednesday morning, the latest issues of that paper will be sitting patiently waiting for me.

Wednesday lunches aren't ever freakishly busy so I always have time to read through the issue. My favorite part of the Tiger Weekly is the Sudoku and crossword puzzles. Every Wednesday I take a paper back to my stand, read through the articles, and then take out the puzzles page. For the Sudoku section, they have an easy puzzle and a hard puzzle. Usually, I do the easy one first. You get my ego up so that I can tackle the hard one. Then I move on to the two crosswords.

Today...the most terrible thing happened.

I read through the issue like usual, and then I attempted the easy Sudoku. Except, today, the easy Sudoku wasn't easy at all! It was actually quite difficult. So I checked the hard puzzle because if I couldn't even start the easy, the hard one must be impossible, right? Well, to my surprise, the hard puzzle was exactly the same as the easy. They. misprinted. my. puzzles.

My entire day has been thrown out of whack.

I may not sleep tonight.


  1. When I worked at the Italian Pie Greenacres in Metairie we'd always get super psyched on Sundays/Mondays when we'd get the new issue of The Gambit. Totally know what that's like.

    -Kelly (Erin Jacob's friend)

  2. Hahaha, awwww - great blog post! It made me chuckle

  3. Haha when I saw the notification on facebook that you posted, I thought you had been part of the "what not to wear" section in Tiger Weekly. I'm very relieved to know I was wrong.

  4. This is much worse than being on the "What Not to Wear" section, for sure.