Monday, November 16, 2009

Angels & Demons

Anyone ever seen that new movie Paranormal Activity?

If you haven't, then don't.

I saw that movie Saturday night and I am creeped out, you guys. No, for real. Ask my roommates. I have gotten to the point where most of the lights need to be on in the apartment, and I'm sleeping with three rosaries under my pillow. I'm walking around my apartment with a hammer, and I'm sleeping with my tazer. I can't be alone in the apartment. I even moved my bed up next to #1's last night. Plus, I'm sleeping next to our little two-foot statue replica of La Pieta.

Oh, AND we have a priest coming Tuesday night to bless our apartment.

Listen, I am NEVER scared like this for movies. I'll be a little jumpy and freaked out during but afterwards I can just laugh it off and go about my merry little way. Not this time and it's REALLY frustrating me. I can't imagine how #1 & #2 are feeling about this. #1 wasn't in town Saturday night so I made #2 sleep with me.

The movie was just so realistic, I guess? I don't even know... I know that I won't get possessed by a demon. I'm fairly confident that I'm so wrapped up and protected by my Father that nothing could hurt me. But the possessed girl in the movie is what freaked me out. Things like that have really happened. There are such things as exorcists and their job is to drive demons out of people and places...

I mean...this is the image I keep seeing in my head after seeing the film.

I may be crazy...I don't know. I'm just pretty terrified, okay?

Promise me you won't go see that movie.

Oh man, I'm investing in a night light...

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