Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 1; A Bib by Chanel Coco

This is my lap.

You may notice the stain.

That's marinara sauce. Marinara sauce from my meatball sandwich.

It seems that I am always spilling stuff on me. Food, drinks, and the like.

What if I started carrying a bib around with me? Would you still talk to me?

Not even just a bib. A monogrammed bib with my initials or something like that. 

It would be a statement. A statement that says, "Look. Every now and then I spill food. Go ahead. Judge me. OMGZLIKEMYBIB!?"

And what if the bib caught on. Next thing we know, the Jonas Brothers, Angelina Jolie, and Obama are all wearing bibs. And then Chanel and Vera Wang start coming out with designer bibs.

You guys would be able to say you knew the girl who started it. I could even become famous.

Beyonce would want to be me. I'm telling you, it's just a trend waiting to be discovered. And I'm the Christopher Columbus of this discovery.

So don't even try to hate on the bib because it's an epic phenomenon. Beyonce wants to be me. And you don't even know.