Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ready to Rock

I'm baaaacckkkk!!!



Hmmm...that's weird. I was so sure this was the hottest site on the web and that everyone and their dog hit up every day and every night.

"What will she say next?! Gosh, she is truly the funniest, most brilliant, most charming woman on this entire planet."

No? Curious...

Anyway, so sorry I've been away! I felt empty without you. Almost like a part of me was missing. 

My computer died a gruesome death a couple of weeks ago and left me in the dust wondering what went wrong. We had a fairly healthy relationship, but Thor - that was my laptop's name - was temperamental as all gods of thunder are. Some days he wanted nothing to do with me, and other days all he wanted was to see me smile. Maybe I pushed him too hard? Who can say now? All I know is that he has been put away only to be exhumed when I need to take things from his hard drive.

A moment of silence for Thor the 17" Toshiba. May he rest in peace....


My mother is an absolute angel. I was out of warranty with Thor so it turned out that just getting a new laptop was cheaper than fixing him. My mom was like, "Well you absolutely need a laptop so just pick one out, let me know what it is, and I will get it for you." I totally wasn't expecting it and she is just way too good to me.

This isn't a laptop actually. It's a netbook. You know what I'm talking about? The mini computers. The ten inchers. Yeah. It's the cutest, little dark red netbook you ever saw.

[Like the strategic placement of the blog on the screen? Smooth, eh? Yeah. You know. Oh, and there is Ashley!! Hai, gurlll.]

So yes, I am back. Ready to rock. Livin' the dream. That's what I do. All day. Every day.

Okay, okay. I've put you through enough. We are done today. See you tomorrow, everyone!!


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