Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear Brandy

I love my phone number.

I love it because it's an extremely easy number to remember.

But, in life, you'll find there is ALWAYS a catch.

You see, there is a girl named Brandy who has a very similar number to mine. So similar, in fact, that I'm pretty sure that 75% of the calls that are being made to her are accidentally being made to me instead. Friends, family, her insurance company, sales people, love interests, etc.

I get SO many calls for her that it makes me wonder. Does she give them my number purposely so that she can avoid them because mine is probably just a digit off from her own? She meets some guy at a bar, he asks for her number but she doesn't want to bluntly reject him so she gives him a similar number to hers expecting never to hear from him again. But then, she sees him out again somewhere and he explains he tried calling but she gave him a bad number. Then she can just say, "Oh, gosh! Sorry! I thought the last number was a 4 not a 6." And they'll believe it was an honest mistake because, hey, it was just one digit off from her own.

Well, listen here, Brandy!

I would appreciate it if you at least alternated digits. Maybe instead of a 4 as that last digit, turn it to a 5 and this way, I'll be clear of your calls! We can compromise even. I have no problem telling the phone company that they have the wrong number. But I can't tell the men in your life that THEY have the wrong number! What if that breaks their little hearts! They got played and I get to deliver the message!

I cannot break hearts for you, Brandy dear. I can't do your dirty work!

So much pressure!!

PS - Mike called. The guy you met last night. He was checking up on you. I took a message.


  1. LMAO - omg, that's hilarious!

  2. I read this to my sisters and we were all laughing out loud! Thanks so much, Kelly!